Dance Education for Children and Adults

Julie’s Dance Studio offers dance classes for students ages 2 1/2 through adult, from beginner level to those with previous dance experience. We provide technical training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, and are dedicated to our students’ self-assurance, poise and confidence. By offering classes that teach a variety of dance disciplines, students are exposed and trained in multiple forms of dance.

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Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me

Ages 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 / With mommy along for the ride, our budding ballerinas are working towards dance independence in preparation for dancing “solo” in an upcoming season. We will explore dance through fun and creative songs with easy to learn lyrics and movements. This class is held in 3 or 4 class series and can be repeated multiple times.

Preschool Classes

Ages 3-4 / Our outstanding preschool program is based on a fun, well-organized atmosphere. Although our preschoolers learn many important skills to help their physical development and coordination, our primary goal is to teach them how to learn. Using age-appropriate songs and dances, we build on the preschooler’s natural love of music and movement, providing a nurturing, stimulating, yet structured classroom specifically designed for dancers of this age. The preschool class consists of a happy blend of songs and dances, pre-ballet and creative movement.

Primary Classes

These classes are designed for students in the early elementary grades. Along with continuing the fundamentals of ballet, our goal is to develop a positive attitude toward dance and toward learning. We create a fun and exciting environment as we stretch our bodies, add to dance skills, and increase our attention spans, building each year to create a foundation of strength, grace, and self-expression. Students this age may also enroll in separate classes in acro-tumbling and beginner hip-hop.

Intermediate Classes

Classes are for students in the upper levels of elementary school. Here they continue to build a solid foundation. As their class work becomes more demanding, we motivate our students with an enthusiastic spirit and joy for learning. Gradually learning more technique, their confidence increases as they develop mastery over the fundamentals of many dance steps and styles. Intermediate combination classes consist of ballet, tap and jazz.

Boys Club

Our “BOYS ONLY” classes receive enthusiastic response by our families, as well as our dancers. The Boys Club builds fun, muscle control, fine motor coordination, rhythm control, rhythm movements, flexibility and aerobic fitness through tap and basic tumbling.

Acro Tumbling

Acrobatics combines the skills and fun of tumbling with the grace and coordination of dance. We offer acrobatics and tiny-tumblers to students ages 4-18 at beginning to advanced levels.


Lyrical dance blends the grace of ballet, the expression of modern, and the musicality of jazz into a beautiful dance style for students who want to increase their self-expression and technique. Classes are available to students who are in the fourth grade or above.

Junior Performing Arts Classes

Grades 7 & 8 / Classes are for students in junior high school. Jazz and production work become a more important part of their class, as does emphasis on developing a “performance personality.” It is during these transitional years that dance can have a great impact in developing confidence, grace, and discipline, as well as skills that give them an increased advantage in participating in school activities such as swing choir, chorus, cheerleading, drill team, drama, marching band, and sports. Junior PA classes consist of ballet or pointe, tap & jazz combo classes, with many of our juniors also enrolling in separate classes in acro-tumbling, lyrical, and hip-hop.

Senior Performing Arts Classes I & II

Classes are designed for senior high school students. Our most advanced dancers strive to reach their potential as their confidence soars as performing artists. Our less-experienced seniors can enjoy the sophistication and excitement of our senior program as they begin or continue to develop a strong dance foundation. All of our seniors experience the excitement and magic of dance as they gain the confidence and skills that enable them to become leaders in their high school activities. Senior PA classes included ballet or pointe, tap and jazz, production, with many of our seniors also enrolling in separate classes in acro-tumbling, hip-hop and lyrical.

Acro Tumbling

Acrobatics combines the skills and fun of tumbling with the grace and coordination of dance. We offer acrobatics and tiny-tumblers to students ages 4-18 at beginning to advanced levels.


In these classes we will learn high-energy, cutting-edge choreography as seen in some of the dance and music industry’s hottest venues. Comfortable clothing and a pair of shoes that are not worn outside are required. Street shoes are prohibited in all dance rooms.


The basics of Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango are taught in this series of classes. No previous experience is necessary. No dance partner is needed. Classes are taught in a 2, 4 or 6-lesson series and can be repeated several times. Ballroom classes are offered throughout various times of the dance season. An informational flyer will be sent home with your child with upcoming dates.


Our adult tap program is a unique opportunity for adults to enjoy taking a tap again or for the first time, without the commitment of having to sign up for a session, or a set amount of classes.   Our classes are drop-in friendly.   Call for additional information or questions, 419-353-5030.

ADULT BALLET known as “Meet Me at the Barre”

Whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active our ballet classes will put a spring into your step.  Whether you’ve never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, our classes have something for everyone. Julie’s Dance Studio is now licensed by the Royal Academy of Dance to teach Silver Swans.